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Average Time
45 Minutes
Pain Relief
None Required
Recommended Sessions
up to 6 Sessions
Results last (On Rec. Sessions)
Long Lasting
Minimal downtime with possible redness for 1 - 2 days
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Laser Genesis, a laser skin resurfacing treatment clinically approved to reduce the appearance of fine line, sun damage and age spots.

What we offer

Our highly effective laser treatment of acne and deep pitted scarring, using heat, to actively target and diminish redness, tightening pores and stimulating collagen production.

A major benefit of the Laser Genesis is no downtime and minimal discomfort, with a visible radiance to skin upon treatment. When combined with other treatments including the HydraFacial or PRP, the skin’s cell turnover and renewal process is more reactive to the Laser Genesis resulting in a radical and deep targeting of problem areas including scarring.

The Face by SK's commitment to you

At The Face by SK, we only use clinically tested, highly recognised and medical grade devices that offer a long lasting, smooth and natural looking result to the skin and features.

We are continually committed to results and your free consultation will involve discussing your skin goals, including any areas of concern, before a treatment plan is recommended. Our goal is to ensure you are getting the most suitable and desirable results.

Before & after pictures
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